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AG Beer and

Wine Garden

Greek Mediterranean full service bar and restaurant

Food photography

Asteria asked us for a full menu photoshoot that would live on their website and be used in other marketing assets such as advertisements. After shooting around 50 items, we shot a variety of scenes inside the restaurant.  

Optimizing for catering

To help increase their catering sales, we created a dedicated landing page that featured catering specials. With this page, we created Facebook ads to drive traffic to this page.

In addition, we optimized Asteria's listing on all their third party catering services such as Easy Cater, Cater2me in an effort to get more orders there as well.

AG homepage.png

Website refresh with ecommerce

Asteria has a large space and a robust menu, which makes the website critical in conveying that much information.

With the ability to house large parties, we created a reservation system as well as a way for catering clients to order directly from their site. To differentiate from private events VS catering, we made sure the to distinguish the menus for online ordering.

Automation with emails and orders

We set up the order process to be fully automated. Once a customer places an order online, the website ordering system sends notifications to their phones as well as emails. As this order gets fulfilled, the customer gets email updates.

This versatile online system now has the ability to integrate with a number of other platforms such as Gmail, Excel, Mailchimp, etc.

Lets Work Together

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