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Kitchen & Bar

Michelin Recommended Cajun, seafood restaurant in the heart of downtown Oakland, CA

Video story telling

The challenge to convey a brand's identity in under a minute is knowing what NOT to include. Isolating the key ingredients of what makes the brand is at the heart of capturing engagement and being memorable.

2017 Winner of VISA Cashless Challenge

Knowing the right questions to ask is only part of what makes an interview style video great. To capture the audience's attention, the message of this winning video had to be shown, not told. To deliver the final story, we had to compliment this, with well executed cinematography.

alaMar is a modern restaurant that is active within its community. They have such soul and energy and they needed a new website that reflected this personality. We came in and gave them a fresh rebrand with clean-cut lettering and minimalist design.

In addition, they needed a way for catering clients to order directly from their site so we implemented an ecommerce solution with a great user experience in mind.

Like any restaurant, alaMar receives several catering and private dining inquiries a day. Each of these inquiries consists of repeated questions and information to be collected. To save the owners the pain of emailing, we used third party integrations to automate this entire process.

Now, when the customer submits an inquiry, they fill out an online questionnaire. This information gets automatically sent to alaMar and they have everything they need (electronically) to communicate with the client. 

Website refresh with ecommerce

Automation with emails and orders

Lets Work Together

You are an expert at what you do. We are experts at showing what you CAN do.

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