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A startup that built an app platform to teach you how to cook through a connected kitchen experience

Marketing photoshoot

Innit has an beautiful smartphone app that shows you how to cook simple meals. They asked us to photograph a series of scenes to market their app. We worked with innit chefs to show how their app turns cooking into an orchestrated experience from prep to plating.

Food photography

Photos from this shoot included all stages of cooking. We photographed different dishes and their assembly from prep to plating.

These images will be used for all platforms, from their website, to print, to social media. 

Studio space and talent for better production

We held the shoot in a kitchen studio and worked with models in order to produce a professional  look for the client.


For this shoot, we had two photographers and two models in order to cover all angles and scene variations.   

Lets Work Together

You are an expert at what you do. We are experts at showing what you CAN do.

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