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We Will Teach You How To Take Better Food Pictures

Food photography is harder than it looks. We've made it easy for you.

A restaurant's online success depends heavily on gorgeous looking visuals.

As professional food photographers, we've put together a FREE course to teach you how to take better pictures.

A video course designed specifically for restaurateurs

We know you're busy running your restaurant. It takes A LOT of time and energy to research and learn about photography.


At the end of the day, you're overwhelmed and you end up getting no where.

We've condensed our knowledge of food photography into a mini 1 hour video course. It's broken down into mini lessons where we go over the fundamentals:

  • How to understand and use lighting to your advantage

  • Using props to make your background scene beautiful

  • Taking better pictures with your smartphone or DSLR camera

  • How to instantly take professional videos with your smartphone

  • Using mobile photo editing apps to achieve a DSLR-like look.

PLUS: We've included an exclusive interview with the VP of Marketing for Wingstop Bay Area.

He gives tips and advice to small restaurants on how to market their business. He talks about using Yelp, your recommended marketing budget, strategies, and more.

We want the course to be your resource forever

You can watch these videos on your mobile device, or at home on the computer.


The information is formatted so you can take executable steps to your photography. No guess work.

All it takes is watching 10 minutes a day for invaluable information we've spent years learning and perfecting.

Why are we doing this? Easy. Small business owners need a little help once in a while, and we'd like to help you out! 

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