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The largest all-natural macaron ice cream manufacturer and distributor in Northern California 

The website refresh fit for a growing brand

Websites are the foundation of any brand. As Mavens grows rapidly, keeping their brand perception consistent meant refreshing their website to reflect their success and quality. 

To really showcase their premium product, this took the combined efforts of striking photographs and engaging videos.

Call to actions (CTA) in the right places

Knowing how to utilize CTA is an important part of optimizing for your key metrics. This takes an in-depth understanding of your audience.


With strategic planning of the sales funnel, the website was able to increase leads from partnerships, catering, and online customers.

Automating lead capture and catering inquiries

With multiple inquiries from partnership stores and catering customers, Mavens needed to save time and reduce back and forth communication.

We streamlined their inquiries by qualifying customers with simple FAQ-inspired questionnaires. The right questions are presented to the customer, while the responses are automatically sent behind the scenes. Mavens is then immediately able to onboard the customer, wasting no time emailing.

Content creation for the website, social media channels, and more

As a rapidly growing company, Mavens started gaining more popularity on social media. They were looking to improve the variety and quality of their visuals used on their website and social media channels.

From food styling product pictures, to cinemagraphs, and video assets, we created a mix of visuals that engaged their customers and elevated their brand.


A promo video to highlight the creative process

As their partnerships with restaurants and grocery chains grew, Mavens wanted a way to show their clients the passion and creative process behind the making of their premium flagship product.

A branding video for partnerships and investors

With so much success, they had to scale their business and wanted a video asset they could use to pitch to potential business partners and raise more capital.


We produced, filmed, and edited a video that presented their business and product. 

The goal was of the video was to convince others to be part of a fun, small, but growing company. 

Lets Work Together

You are an expert at what you do. We are experts at showing what you CAN do.

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